After getting up

We all know that if we do something in a planned way, we can do more with less, so we can lose weight. If we plan to lose weight, then the effect of weight loss will be more obvious, and the speed will be even faster. To be able to formulate some weight loss plan? Xiaobian to introduce the following issues for everyone to lose weight.
1. After getting up: drinking detox to lose weight, sleep at night, the body’s organs are still at work, will produce toxins, the blood is also more viscous, is not conducive to recycling. Wake up in the morning, fasting drink a cup of boiled water can promote blood circulation, to help eliminate toxins in the body, prevent constipation, but also make the skin tender and tender.
2.7 to 8:00: morning weight loss, morning exercise to speed up fat burning. Because morning delivery and more arranged before breakfast, the body did not intake enough carbohydrates, morning sickness is too violent if prone to hypoglycemia. Therefore, the morning transport do a good job of selecting some moderate-intensity aerobic exercise, exercise time can be about half an hour. Avoid fasting exercise. Before exercise can eat some simple foods, such as a small bread, an apple and so on.
After 3.7: eating breakfast to improve metabolism, the body’s energy is almost exhausted. This is the body is like a fast oil machine. To restore the body, you need to eat to provide energy, which in turn can improve the body’s metabolism and speed up fat burning. According to the British “Daily Mail” recently reported that a British diet guidance company surveyed 1,000 people who lose weight to understand their time to eat three meals and found that breakfast arrangements after 7 am more conducive to weight loss.
4. Pre-meal: eat snacks to enhance fullness, a morning’s work people consume a lot of heat, easy to feel hungry. At this time to eat low-calorie low-sugar snacks, such as yogurt, fruit, dark chocolate, etc. can supplement the body’s energy, enhance satiety, to avoid eating too much lunch time.
After dinner: rely on the wall to lose weight, after lunch, many people are used to sitting still. This is not conducive to food digestion, long-term so easily lead to constipation, abdominal obesity caused. It is recommended that the wall stand in the post-meal 15 minutes or so, stand up and lean thin, keep abdominal breathing. This can effectively solve the problem of abdominal obesity.
6.5 to 7:00: exercise to lose weight, 5:00 to 7:00 is the best day of exercise time, when people reach the peak physical fitness, heart rate and blood pressure rise. People can do some high-intensity exercise, exercise time can be extended. In addition, it is precisely this time that workers are off work, and people can use their full time of about an hour to lose weight. However, it should be noted that one hour before the end of exercise to eat dinner.
7. bedtime: massage to ease edema, some people’s obesity is not really obese, but the problem of edema. Eliminate edema, you naturally thin down. Before going to bed to be a simple massage. Bedtime massage to clear the lymphatic, relieve edema problems.
The above is to introduce you to these points is to develop a weight-loss program, I hope we can understand, and in peacetime when we all can make their own plans according to the actual situation, so that we can make the goal of a planned Weight loss, but also to allow everyone to see their weight loss results, so as to persevere in efforts to lose weight.

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